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The Godfather 1972 Coppola, Francis Ford USA
The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie 1972 Buñuel, Luis France / Italy / Spain
Aguirre, The Wrath of God 1972 Herzog, Werner West Germany / Peru / Mexico
Cabaret 1972 Fosse, Bob USA
Solaris 1972 Tarkovsky, Andrei Soviet Union
Deliverance 1972 Boorman, John USA
Cries and Whispers 1972 Bergman, Ingmar Sweden
Last Tango in Paris 1972 Bertolucci, Bernardo Italy / France
Frenzy 1972 Hitchcock, Alfred UK
Fat City 1972 Huston, John USA
The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant 1972 Fassbinder, Rainer Werner West Germany
Sleuth 1972 Mankiewicz, Joseph L. UK
Ulzana's Raid 1972 Aldrich, Robert USA
Chloe in the Afternoon 1972 Rohmer, Eric France
Harold and Maude 1972 Ashby, Hal USA
The Ruling Class 1972 Medak, Peter UK
Sounder 1972 Ritt, Martin USA
The New Land 1972 Troell, Jan Sweden
The Heartbreak Kid 1972 May, Elaine USA
Pink Flamingos 1972 Waters, John USA
The Way of the Dragon 1972 Lee, Bruce Hong Kong
The King of Marvin Gardens 1972 Rafelson, Bob USA
Superfly 1972 Parks, Gordon Jr. USA
Bad Company 1972 Benton, Robert USA
What's Up, Doc? 1972 Bogdanovich, Peter USA
Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania 1972 Mekas, Jonas UK / West Germany
Payday 1972 Duke, Daryl USA
Avanti! 1972 Wilder, Billy USA / Italy
A Day in the Death of Joe Egg 1972 Medak, Peter UK
My Childhood 1972 Douglas, Bill UK
The Harder They Come 1972 Henzell, Perry Jamaica
Fellini's Roma 1972 Fellini, Federico Italy / France
The Merchant of Four Seasons 1972 Fassbinder, Rainer Werner West Germany
The Poseidon Adventure 1972 Neame, Ronald USA
The Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick 1972 Wenders, Wim West Germany / Austria
Junior Bonner 1972 Peckinpah, Sam USA
The Candidate 1972 Ritchie, Michael USA
Play It Again, Sam 1972 Ross, Herbert USA
Red Psalm 1972 Jancsó, Miklós Hungary
The Mattei Affair 1972 Rosi, Francesco Italy
1776 1972 Hunt, Peter H. USA
Images 1972 Altman, Robert UK / Ireland / USA
Mirage 1972 Robles-Godoy, Armando Peru
Silent Running 1972 Trumbull, Douglas USA
Alfredo, Alfredo 1972 Germi, Pietro Italy / France
The Hot Rock 1972 Yates, Peter USA
Monty Python's Flying Circus 1972 MacNaughton, Ian / Davies, John Howard UK
Winter Soldier 1972 unknown USA
Henry VIII and His Six Wives 1972 Hussein, Waris UK
J. W. Coop 1972 Robertson, Cliff USA
Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart at the River Styx 1972 Misumi, Kenji Japan
The Pied Piper 1972 Demy, Jacques UK / USA
Such a Gorgeous Kid Like Me 1972 Truffaut, François France
Tomorrow 1972 Anthony, Joseph USA
Slaughterhouse-Five 1972 Hill, George Roy USA
The Great Northfield, Minnesota Raid 1972 Kaufman, Philip USA
Cocksucker Blues 1972 Frank, Robert USA
A Computer Animated Hand 1972 Catmull, Ed USA
Hot Dogs for Gauguin 1972 Brest, Martin USA
Peege 1972 Kleiser, Randal USA
The Tall Blonde Man with One Black Shoe 1972 Robert, Yves France
Out 1: Spectre 1972 Rivette, Jacques France
The Death of Maria Malibran 1972 Schroeter, Werner West Germany
Nathalie Granger 1972 Duras, Marguerite France
Salomé 1972 Bene, Carmelo Italy
What? 1972 Polanski, Roman Italy / France / West Germany
Young Winston 1972 Attenborough, Richard UK
Boxcar Bertha 1972 Scorsese, Martin USA
Night of the Lepus 1972 Claxton, William F. USA
Cat's Play 1972 Makk, Károly Hungary
The Dawns Here Are Quiet 1972 Rostotsky, Stanislav Soviet Union
I Love You Rosa 1972 Mizrahi, Moshé Israel
My Dearest Senorita 1972 de Armiñán, Jaime Spain
The Effects of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds 1972 Newman, Paul USA
Man of La Mancha 1972 Hiller, Arthur Italy / USA
Play It As It Lays 1972 Perry, Frank USA
Russia 1972 Holcomb, Theodore / Muratova, Kira USA
Wedding in White 1972 Fruet, William Canada
Butterflies Are Free 1972 Katselas, Milton USA
Living Free 1972 Couffer, Jack UK
Travels with My Aunt 1972 Cukor, George USA
X, Y & Zee 1972 Hutton, Brian G. UK
Hammersmith Is Out 1972 Ustinov, Peter USA
Last House on the Left 1972 Craven, Wes USA
The Assassination of Trotsky 1972 Losey, Joseph Italy / France / UK
Blacula 1972 Crain, William USA
Brother Sun, Sister Moon 1972 Zeffirelli, Franco Italy / UK
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask 1972 Allen, Woody USA
Fritz the Cat 1972 Bakshi, Ralph USA
The Getaway 1972 Peckinpah, Sam USA
Jeremiah Johnson 1972 Pollack, Sydney USA
Lady Sings the Blues 1972 Furie, Sidney J. USA
The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean 1972 Huston, John USA
The New Centurions 1972 Fleischer, Richard USA
The Seduction of Mimi 1972 Wertmüller, Lina Italy
Ludwig 1972 Visconti, Luchino France / Italy / West Germany
Los Traidores 1972 Gleyzer, Raymundo Argentina
Minamata: Kanja-san to sono sekai 1972 Tsuchimoto, Noriaki Japan
Poetic Justice 1972 Frampton, Hollis USA